Melanie Bambridge

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor,

Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner
Ad.Dip.Pc MNCS (ACC) Dip.Hyp.CS.MHS




Psychotherapeutic counselling

Counselling offers you a safe and confidential place to talk about anything that could be causing you to feel uncomfortable, confused or in pain. Talking to somebody who is neutral and not connected to you in a personal sense and is trained to listen and help you to improve things in a completely unbiased way, can really help you to improve the way you feel. Although initially the thought of confiding in somebody else may feel daunting, it is all part of the journey to you feeling better in the long run. I work with
you, tailoring to your needs at your own pace.





Some of the difficulties I work with:

Anger Management
Maladaptive Behaviour
Self-defeating behaviour

For further information or to make an appointment:

 'phone: 07767200491