Current Events

Barn & Maggi's office in winter Jan-2010

Listed below are links to websites of events we are working on at the moment

The 5th global QA conference1-3 Nov 2017 Event website
Postgraduate Symposium X: biological and medicinal chemistry symposium for postgraduates8 Dec 2017 Event website
The BMCS Mastering MedChem IV14 Mar 2018 Event website
29th symposium on medicinal chemistry in Eastern England26 Apr 2018 Event website
8th RSC / SCI symposium on kinase inhibitor design14-15 May 2018 Event website
4th RSC / DMDG new perspectives in DMPK21-22 May 2018 
BOS 201819-20 Jun 2018 Event website
7th RSC / SCI symposium on GPCRs in medicinal chemistry10-12 Sep 2018 Event website
Next generation integrin inhibitors8 Nov 2018 
2nd RSC Anglo-Nordic medchem symposium11-14 Jun 2019 

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