Overview and Aims



Building on the success of the 1st “Chemistry in Energy” Conference, the Energy Sector of the Royal Society of Chemistry is pleased to announce that it is organising and promoting the 2nd “Chemistry in Energy” conference to be hosted by the University of Sheffield.

Home to over half a million people, including more than 60,000 students, Sheffield is situated centrally in the UK and is England's fourth largest city. Bordering the beautiful Peak District National Park, it is a city of stunning landscapes; the greenest in Europe. There are seven hills, five rivers and more park and woodland than any other UK city. In the heart of Sheffield, pedestrian shopping areas lead to public gardens and squares. Museums, galleries and theatres share these spaces alongside a great selection of bars and cafes. The city is home to several important galleries and museums which have close links with the Tate and the V&A in London. Three distinctive venues form one of the most important theatre complexes in the UK which have been named the best outside London for two years running. Sheffield can also boast the largest independent cinema outside of London in the form of The Showroom. Sheffield was the UK's first National City of Sport and has a long sporting heritage including the oldest football club in the world. It's a rich, diverse, multicultural city that is proud of its reputation for being one of the friendliest and safest major cities in the UK.

It is a particularly well-chosen location for this 2nd “Chemistry in Energy” Conference as energy research is a core activity at the University of Sheffield. It is home to the University's Energy Research Group, the Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, the Headquarters of the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (UKCCSRC) with its Pilot-scale Advanced Capture Technologies (PACT) facilities, and the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF) which all fit well with the theme of the Conference.


Scope and purpose of the conference

The purpose of this Conference is to bring together scientists and technologists from academia and industry with interests in the applications of Chemistry in the Energy Industry. This RSC Energy Sector 2nd “Chemistry in Energy” Conference aims to embrace all aspects of energy–related research, where chemistry and the chemical sciences play a key or underpinning role in solving the UK’s combined energy challenges of carbon emissions, energy costs and security of supply. The scope of the conference will be broad and will include all energy forms and technologies.
Aims and objectives of the RSC Energy Sector
The Energy Sector seeks to share knowledge and express views on chemical matters relating to energy. The specific aims of the Energy Sector are to support the chemistry professionals with interests in energy, to organise scientific meetings, to encourage interaction between RSC groups and other professional bodies and between academic and research organisations in the energy community and to act as a focal point for knowledgeable discussion on the chemistry involved in energy related science, in particular, promoting public awareness of the important role that chemistry plays in the production and utilisation of energy.
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